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Ground Zero Designs. 

Welcome to Ground Zero Designs by LMJ Production.  We look to be your place to have your inspirational T-shirt, Tumblers, masks, socks, Hoodies, and More.  At Ground Zero Designs we are inspired by you and the word of God to bring your vision to reality with Sublimation, and Vinyl printing.  Whether your select from items you see here, or you maybe looking for a custom order for a birthday, anniversary, or school.  Just take a look around and connect with us to see how we can help bring your vision to reality.  


Driven By Faith.

Our story is established in the cross, 2000 years ago Christ died at Calvary.   "Ground Zero" It is at the cross He showed all the world that He loved them "us".  Many don't understand, but the ones that do it is power, and what drives us to continue in our faith.  

Ground Zero Designs is a brand with the God Chaser series, and more to come. Feel free to explore our products :)

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